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Having your own unique brand is only part of the package, as it’s no use by itself unless you can let your customers and target potential customers know about it. So not only does Brand2Go offer you your own high-quality product under your own brand, but you also makes available to you a whole host of pre-designed marketing and sales support materials and initiatives to help you promote your brand, generate traffic and win those all important sales!


Own brand product features – Control panel inlays plus dedicated model names.

Customised consumer brochure that promotes your dealership.

Customised direct mail pieces and event invitations.

Customised spa model showroom identifiers.


In addition, we can also provide, dependant on your current provisions, needs and business goals.


  • Local lead generation program
  • Lead follow up program
  • Events and open weekend invitations
  • Further customised POS & merchandising
  • Local PR support
  • Local pay-per-click advertising
  • Social media support
  • Loyalty card/referral programmes
  • Sales and technical training programmes
  • Dealer after-sales program

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