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All designed and built in the USA – nothing from the Far East here - by a renowned and quality-focussed manufacturer, backed by a respected UK distributor and with full and comprehensive warranty support.


The range covers 6 models - 3 loungers and 3 all-seaters – in 3 size and price brackets with RRP price points from circa £4,500 to £6,500. However, it’s your brand, so it’s entirely up to you what level of pricing you set for your local market conditions!


All spas come with a comprehensive specification which includes as standard:


  • Balboa control system with your own-branded control panel
  • Stereo package
  • CD Ozonator
  • Integral Spa Frog Sanitiser
  • Multi-coloured LED underwater lighting
  • Multi-coloured LED perimeter lighting
  • Tapered insulation cover
  • Stainless Steel Jets
  • Fully sealed moulded ABS bottom
  • ReflectoThermTM Insulation system”


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